Friday, October 24, 2008

Bagel Bard Martha Boss releases "I AM AN OLD WOMAN"

(Painting by Martha Boss)

Martha Boss, well-regarded member of the Bagel Bards, and the very woman who painted the "Bagel Bard" mural, will be featured in the Oct 29, 2008 Lyrical Somerville column in The Somerville News, edited by Doug Holder. There will be a selection from her collection "I AM AN OLD WOMAN" Here is a selection from her book:


i am an old woman
watching cartoons.

the older i get
the funnier they are.

i am an old woman
in my second childhood,
more fun & funnier
than the first one

there's Clifford
the big red dog.
there's George,
curous George, the monkey.
there are
the revolting Teletubbies.
there are the Simpsons.
oh my,
they do keep me up
on current events.

as funny as cartoons,
are the poets
known as the Bagelbards.
they win
in all categories.

no two alike,
they can't possibly be serious

i love being
an old bard
watching them
every Saturday morning.

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