Wednesday, January 7, 2009

THE HOLY FOOL (for Mike Amado, 1975 - 2009)

Beloved Bagel Bard Mike Amado passed is a poem from his friend poet Carolyn Gregory:

THE HOLY FOOL (for Mike Amado, 1975 - 2009)

Tapping congas in a red shirt,
he brought music to all of us
from ordinary life
where magic does not rule.

Non-listeners did not challenge him
when he uttered his poems
directly from an open heart.
He was wiser than his years.

A transplant failed
and years in dialysis taught him
how to blur out time
when needed,
how to fly like an eagle
above his body.

He brought me back to youth
when animals and gypsies caught fire
and those who witnessed
became Holy Fools.

He was one, too,
turning ruin to beauty,
his mortal pain soaring
on careful wings.

--Carolyn Gregory, 1/3/09

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Harry said...

Mike was a regular at poetry series at the Brockton Public Library. It was a pleasure to hear him read from his work and fun to know him. I had no knowledge of his physical struggles and knew only the joy of hearing or reading his words and saying, "Yes!" Is it a coincidence that just yesterday I was reading his kind words in my signed copy of Stunted Inner-Child, before hearing the news today? I will miss Mike, but remain grateful for having met him in this life/plane.
Harry The Librarian